Friday, August 7, 2009


Man what a crazy last few days I have had. Well guess what, we are not going to the Family Reunion in the mountains. I feel like someone punched me in the mouth several times then punched me in the head some more. Ok if the Dentist wants you to come and get your teeth all pretty and healthy they should not make it hurt... Also they should not charge you an arm and a leg to beat you up and emotionally abuse you. And all I got done was a deep cleaning.... what ever that means I am still not sure, but my "friend" said I needed one and apparently I need one every three months... I honestly did not think my teeth were that bad, I still have all of them and they are a shade of white. I don't get it. There are some positive things about all this. I did get to try laughing gas for the first time! It was pretty great, why I have not done this before?!?!!? For $30 I will do it again every time even when my teeth are fine and I just need a cleaning. I guess I am a little high strung about the Dentist. Guess what I don't have wisdom teeth! I never have and they are not there. CRAZY??!?! YOU CAN BE JEALOUS NOW. Its so weird I feel like a freak of nature now... Also they did not give me a sticker or a prize =( To think of it this Dentist really is not a kid Dentist, I have not seen any there or a big station of stickers and prizes. Well that is ok with me I don't care. So No more Dentist Stories for a month!

Did you see that NEW button on the right side of my page?? The Baby Steals one?? Its a pretty awesome place and no they will not steal a baby for you. They just find some awesome expensive baby/children's items and sell them for 50 % off. I just scored some awesome baby socks to give as gifts I am pretty excited about this and can't wait to give them away to some lucky friend, because our friendship will be cemented forever because of these socks... I would post a pic hey I might... HOLD PLEASE. Never mind It did not like any of the pics i found on the internets...

So cute I know!! So check it out they have a new steal M-F and update it at 9 AM MST.. what I can't remember that... its ok you can sign up for a daily email.. ALSO if you live in the SLC area you can pick up your steal for free or pay a little bit of shipping and you can get it the next day. SO AWESOME.


inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

You never had wisdom teeth? I'm so jealous. I had to have mine yanked!

Rebecca said...

I never had wisdom teeth either! High five...we pretty much have awesome genetics. Sorry they put you through pain!

I signed up for babysteals but I never needed any of the stuff and I got sick of the emails. But let me know if you see and DaVinci Emily Crib.

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