Friday, August 14, 2009

Freaky Friday..... Kinda

Dear People

What is up? So I had some weird things happen this week. Nothing Bad, just something out of the norm for us.

Hub went to a shooting range with co workers and the BIG boss CEO of the company he works for. Um what's weird about that?? I live in Utah everybody and their kids have guns. Uh we don't and hub works for a software company based out of Montreal.......... Yes hub bikes to work and wears flip flops in the office if we are lucky sometimes he doesn't then I yell at him and tell him for the 500th time about the boy in summer school with me who went to the school bathroom bare foot then died 2 months later...... Anyways So hub, boss, and 2 co-workers to go to the shooting range and spend $250 to rent guns and buy ammo. Is that a lot I don't know we don't shoot guns... But I guess it was because the owner was excited and decided it was ok and chatted it up with them OH hub and one co worker are from Utah born and raised and Boss and other co worker are French Canadian born and raised. I don't know is it just me or did you think that the Frenchies did not like guns?? Like really NOT like them? Ok so they do this and then its 10 PM on Wednesday night so I call hub and asked if he wanted a ride home because who wants to ride a bike home that late at night and guess what he DOES... go figure its a good thing my mom was here so she could listen if son woke up or the house caught fire... I pick up Hub and all he talks about are GUNS... the guns they shot, all the cool guns his American co-worker has... a Nazi gun and a WWI gun... cool.... Just the whole way home guns, guns, guns. And I am thinking to myself WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE THE HELL IS MY HUSBAND!?!?! This was so out of character for him that it kinda freaked me out. UGH

Then I got the urge the urge for a Roast Beef Sandwich from Arbys and of course some curly fries I am driving so I don't even ask, I just drive there and order some food... Nice huh. As we are waiting in the drive thru there is more gun talk well because why wouldn't 2 young yuppie talk about anything else ... Then he tells THE STORY... The story that I thought was funny but my grandma did not maybe because she can't hear and she was just being nice... while at the gun range the "boys" were talking to the owner about all the guns they had there and of course there was talk about the biggest most expensive gun there........ men...... And it was a $6000 sniper rifle that was "just for display" The "boys" are like WOW... And the owner goes on to tell about a patron of said range and how he owns 3 of them and he likes to go HUNTING with them..... really? Isn't that illegal in Utah... apparently not..... But I won't mess with Utah and their guns I would lose. So the story continues about "big guns" hunting trip and the $6.75 bullets for the sniper rifle, and how you can take an ELK out with one from like 200 yards away and the other ELK won't even know or care what happened. I don't know why I thought this was funny, Its not really funny as I am typing this I guess i was tired and this was not normal talk for us and apparently we where in the Twilight Zone. I don't know maybe Hub told it better and you just had to be there.

After all this gun talk Hub goes... "Don't worry babe I am not going to go out and buy one." Thanks Sorry you had to read that long post about guns but it was just weird for me... ALSO on Wednesday I was somewhere and sat next to a woman wearing a vest... like from the 90s you know we all had one. She was not old she had kids around son's age. I was like really a vest complete with the white shirt and skinny light blue jeans... She did not however have on a braided belt.. =/ Maybe next time. So are Vest in Fashion ?? I did not think so I won't wear one BUT I own one. One I made in 8th grade Home Ec, I got a 100 on it and I am keeping that baby forever its a light blue with stars on it. CLASSY.



Erin said...
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inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

I'm the deleted comment...I was signed into the wrong google account (the one I use for all my "test" blog templates and such).

ANY WHOOO...yes, vests are coming back into style. I totally use to rock a vest in the 90's and thought I was so cool. I also had like 2 friends so there you go. :)

Kristina P. said...

My husband is a gun lover. I never thought I would marry a guy with guns. He even has a concealed weapon's permit. As long as I don't have to shoot one, I'm good.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I made a vest in home economics in 8th grade. It must have been the universal assignment across America.

Would I wear a vest now - NO. Heck, ponchos came back and I didn't wear them either.

Some things just need to stay in the past.

sherbugs said...

Loved visiting with you. Next time I'll find my ankle boots and scrunchies so we can totally rock your vest! :)

La La La Leah said...

Sher is it wrong that I love scrunchies and I don't think they went out of style for me.... I think I try to wear one once a week. I know I did just admit that.

wonder woman said...

My husband is not a gun person at all. I like that. He knows a lot about them because he was in the reserves, but has no desire to own one. He's always said he could do more damage with a baton than a handgun if we ever had an intruder.

A roast beef sandwich sounds really good right now.

I've seen the vest around a bit. It's one of those things I think you have to be uber-fashionable to pull it off.

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