Monday, August 10, 2009

So many things so little time!

Dear Readers,

I am trying to squeeze a post in while Son is napping and my break from all my daily womanly work of watching TV and eating snacks................ So Busy Busy Busy weekend.

Friday: Can you believe we went "camping" we did after I said we were not. Made it just in time for dinner and the family "talent" show. No no no... there are some very very talented people in my husbands family and I am glad there are people that can sing. I was impressed. Did I mention it was COLD and my mouth hurt from the dental crap.... And guess what I packed the car all by myself... I WANT MY GOLD MEDAL NOW PLEASE....... uh huh I will not hold my breath.

Saturday: Still camping, went on a HIKE!! (don't laugh) with son and brother in law. Hub was TIRED and It was good but I do not enjoy hiking. You know we went to a LDS church camp for all this and guess what the bathrooms smelled like church! It cracked me up... You just can't get away from that LDS clean smell. Also we stayed in very nice cabins and it was just nice. It was pretty much camping in my back yard but nicer and hour away. I would do it again... I came home NOT smelling like camp... CRAZY.

Saturday night.... We need a few groceries SO I had to go because I am not tired....... uh huh. So I go get my wallet and keys out of the glove box because I put them there during the camping trip ... put them in my purse and I am OFF, get all my crap and stand in the worse line ever.. Behind the coupon "lady" and of course there was a problem and the manager needed to be called... OMG LAME... I have already put my crap on conveyer belt so I have committed myself to the line... So they finish and I go and get my wallet out to be ready so I won't take as long as crazy and its NOT in my purse... WTH ?!?! So I tell the girl and she is cool because I thought it was just in the car, WRONG.... so I think I must have left it in my car that I did not want to take because it was still full of camping crap.. So I go home and its not there HUB and I tore this place up!! We still could not find it.. So I call the local grocery store and GUESS WHAT?!?! Some nice person turned it in!! I am so lucky and grateful, but still can't figure out how my wallet got out of my purse... CRAZY!!! So I go back and my groceries are still there in the cart and all ready for me to pay THAT WAS AWESOME... I am glad they cared about me and took care of my grocery needs. =) GOOOO MACEY'S

Sunday: Did nothing but laundry. it was good to do nothing.

Monday: Mommy and Me swim class with Son, good times! Its all week for 30 mins so I hope it all goes well the rest of the week. Come back tomorrow when I have a special give away/promotion/date with me!!! You will not want to miss it!


Kristina P. said...

You lucky duck! Camping sounds so unappealing.

And I am planning on going to Instacare this week. I have some sort of digestive thing going on, but something's been going around at work. And it's not called be knocked up.

wonder woman said...

I never smelled an outdoor bathroom that smells like anything but crap, so the fact that it smelled like a CHURCH is amazing. I'm in awe.

And yay for Macey's! Every now and then you come across those perks of living in Utah that make it a little easier to forgive all the other stuff.

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